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Vitanow Nutrition Whey Protein, Sugar Free, Natural and Artificial Flavor, 2lb, 28 Servings

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About this item:

  • WHEY, 100% Premium Protein + Hydrolyzed Isolate supplement comes with the high-quality ingredients like sweetener, flavoring, digestive enzymes, and small amount of BCAA’s. Thus, more protein & servings in each container of WHEY protein
  • This WHEY protein powder has a clean label protein without cheap fillers like fructose.
  • WHEY protein amino acids are one among the highest biological value of all protein sources, making it best for building lean muscles. 
  • Digestive enzymes Papain and Protease are added on WHEY protein shake, helps in the optimal protein absorption in the athlete’s body.
  • Around 75% of protein with 24g in per servings in the WHEY powder helps in absorbing quickly in the muscles and body. While WHEY Isolate & BCAA’s support in protein synthesis and fast recovery. 
  • The cold processed WHEY protein supplement helps in absorbing the essential nutrients quickly and flooding the muscles with key amino acids on each servings. 
  •  WHEY protein supplements for runners is the perfect protein to intake immediately after workout. That time the muscles in the body needs nourishment the most. 
  • Satisfied lab tested are done for this best WHEY protein for muscle gain supplement. It is tested carefully under FDA state of art to check its high quality and efficiency for the body. So, it doesn’t harm our valuable customers while consuming this WHEY protein shake.
  • There are 4 natural and artificial ultra-filtered WHEY protein flavors for different taste preferences.
  • This WHEY protein sugar-free for muscles is the mouth-licking workout drink which should be taken just after the workout session to nourish the muscles. Just mix 1 round scoop with 4-6oz of milk, water, or favorite beverages and it mix really easily without leaving behind any clumps.

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