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Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About: Why Amino Acids Are Essential For Body building?

Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About: Why Amino Acids Are Essential For Body building?

For regular lifters and other people these days, protein is one of the most prioritized macronutrients in their diets these days. Gym goers were decades ahead of the protein consumption way back. And the apparent reason for this was never really a secret: Protein form essential components of muscle tissue for building strength or maintaining one's current capacity for power. And the amino acid supplements will help you get all the essential nutrients your body needs for building muscles or keeping your body fit.

The weight lifters or bodybuilders had already grabbed this knowledge. Thus, they have been taking advantage of protein powders like amino acid supplements that contain amino acids instead of actual protein because it's easier to get their calories from those sources.

However, many studies have recommended staying away from the overly simplified approaches that most popular fitness gurus are known for recommending. While some people may still argue about a few things, such as amino acid supplements being only effective due to the placebo effect. Or whether they should be drinking amino energy in addition to or instead of post-workout. However, several studies have found that ingesting an amino energy supplement can help you manage diabetes, obesity and decrease fatigue during workouts.

So, in this article, we have tried to cover all the essential portions to bring for you why amino acid supplements are essential for bodybuilding. Let's first understand what protein is all about. So, for that, you need to keep reading till the end!

What is a Protein?

A protein is a molecule made primarily of combinations of amino acids. The sequence in which these amino acids are arranged is crucial because it determines how the protein will fold into its desired shape. The DNA code in each cell is used to instruct the translation machinery - which proteins to make when. And also tells that machinery which amino acids should be linked together in a specific order to produce the necessary proteins. 

Once the amino acid chain is constructed, the protein gets into a shape dictated by its amino acids, and then it becomes a functional protein. Nowadays, amino acid supplements come as a training drink that enhances your energy, endurance, and muscle recovery after a workout. 

Protein does other things in your body apart from shaping your amino acids. So, some proteins form structures, whereas some act as enzymes to form or break down the molecules. At the same time, some proteins send messages all over the body, and so on. It's never a bad idea to choose amino acid supplements while you are busy building your muscles or staying fit in your life. 

However, building the body you desire entirely depends on your work ethic and the amount of time you're willing to dedicate to it. The human body is incredible, but only if you take care of it by giving it nutrients and a balanced diet. Besides, providing it with highly-regulated exercise so that you can train the muscle in your body. Thus, it's important to understand which type of protein will help build muscle and also comes in many everyday uses. However, amino acids are important for boosting the potential of your bodybuilding efforts. And even if you're not interested in lifting weights, there are plenty of reasons why investing in amino acid supplements would be beneficial and the best amino acids for bodybuilding!

What is an Amino Acid?

All proteins consist of a chain of amino acids. And each of the amino acids types forms a unique chemical structure that is attached to the core structure. When amino acids join forces to form protein, their unique structures (R groups) allow them to perform specific functions in the body. It's unnecessary to know the intricate details of R groups and chemical composition to build muscles effectively. And there are some of the amino acid supplements available in the market that come with all these formulas.

But it helps to understand that some amino acids need to be consumed through the diet while others can be synthesized by our bodies naturally. However, almost all powerlifters know that you have to use the right kind of protein to grow your muscles. And consume the right amounts of amino acid supplements with your favorite drink during pre- or post-workouts.

Nine essential amino acids must be consumed for protein synthesis to take place and repair damaged proteins & muscle. A protein meal needs to contain all nine essential amino acids. Otherwise, it will be useless for nutrient consumption because the body cannot utilize incomplete proteins or nutrients for a job. For instance, repairing tissue, growing hair or nails, etc. Thus, it's always recommended choosing supplements like amino acid supplements that might help you with all the essential nutrients and protein that your body lacks or needs.

Below, we have listed nine essential amino acids (EAAs), keeping in mind the bodybuilders, weightlifters, or hardcore fitness freaks. However, there are many brands which come with the amino acid supplements and some are the best amino acids for muscle growth and muscle repair.

What are the Essential Amino Acids or EAAs?

1. L- Leucine

This essential amino acid is one of the three Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). Besides, it promotes muscle protein synthesis and acts as an activator of mTORC1. These amino acids get a more positive response than the rest & for a good reason. So, while shopping for amino acid supplements or the best amino acids for muscle growth and muscle repair, look for these amino acids. 

2. L- Lysine

This essential amino acid is used for muscle growth, repairing the tissue, and absorbing vital nutrients in the body. You can easily find them in amino acid supplements available in the market. But be careful to choose renowned brands to get all the benefits.

3. L- Valine

These essential amino acids are another of the three Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). It helps in muscle growth & tissue repair. It is one of the essential ingredients in amino acid supplements that help you train for a longer time, enhance your energy, endurance, and many more.

4. L- Isoleucine

It is one among the three Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). Besides, these amino acids support hemoglobin synthesis & regulation of blood sugar & energy levels. However, while shopping for amino acid supplements, you can easily get these essential amino acids (EAAs) in the ingredients.

5. L- Threonine

These essential amino acids (EAAs) promote the formation or synthesis of protein in the body. So, look for these amino acids while you seek amino acid supplements for yourself.

6. L -Phenylalanine

This essential amino acid plays a significant role in synthesizing amino acids in your body. And the best amino acids for bodybuilding. Besides, these acids are the forbear for vital hormones like dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. 

7. L- Methionine

This essential amino acid is required to grow and repair tissues in your body. You can also take amino acid supplements to repair your tissue and muscles after workouts.

8. L- Histidine

These essential amino acids support the synthesis of proteins. Besides, it gets involved with beta-alanine for the formation of dipeptide carnosine. Thus, it's the best amino acid for muscle growth and muscle repair.

9. L-Tryptophan

It also helps in the synthesis of proteins. Besides, it's the forerunner for the neurotransmitter serotonin & hormone melatonin. Therefore, it's counted as the best amino acids for bodybuilding.

Nowadays, you get many choices while seeking to purchase amino acid supplements for your body - muscle building or fitness. However, these essential amino acids help your body reach the target you set up. So, read the supplements' labels to get these acids as an ingredient. 

Why are amino acids essential for body building?

Bodybuilders are generally familiar with the body stores both fats and carbohydrates for later use. Carbohydrates are stored as glycogen in the muscles and liver, and certain other tissues. Besides, it breaks down and burns as fuel when needed. Of course, everyone is aware that the body also stores excess calories consumed as body fat. It is intended to be broken down and burned as fuel. However, it mostly happens when caloric intake is low or non-existent during starvation or fasting. However, the body does not store amino acids used for nourishment. Besides, you can always opt for amino acid supplements to nourish your body with the missing nutrients in your body.

The amino acids you consume each day go through a production line. This line is called your body. Some of these amino acids are constructed into proteins, and some are burned to produce energy for your body. Any extra amino acids that the protein factory or power plant does not need are picked up and disposed of in various ways - a process known as protein recycling. You can choose amino acid supplements to boost your muscle strength & recover your muscles after workout.

If you fail to consume sufficient amounts of one of the essential amino acids, your body's protein-construction machinery grinds to a halt. Moreover, processing of the nutrients stops at all the factories, and within a few days, all the other amino acids that were consumed get discarded. If it goes on for a longer time, your body will break down your skeleton muscles to feed your other vital organs with the lack of amino acids. Thus, many amino acid supplements are the best amino acids for muscle growth and muscle repair.

So, to avoid this, you should really focus on the quality and quantity of your protein rather than the total quantity of your protein. Besides, protein is instrumental in getting a lean body because it is needed to build and repair vital body tissue. So, if you intentionally restrict your protein intake to lose excess weight, your hard work will be in vain. The muscle tissue will get broken down to fuel your brain and liver to fill it with the essential amino acids. However, you can opt for amino acid supplements to increase the endurance level while you exercise and repair the tissues in your muscles after workout.

You can always prefer amino acid supplements for feeding your body with vital nutrients and essential amino acids. However, the EAAs help maximize the power & energy that we put in the gym for muscle protein synthesis. So, the best time to take amino acids for muscle growth is pre or post workout both works for the body.