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A Beginner's Guide to 8+Health Benefits Of Whey Protein & Dosage

A Beginner's Guide to 8+Health Benefits Of Whey Protein & Dosage


Every one of us wishes to live a fit and healthy life. And that's why all struggles come up! So, have you started with your fitness goals - leaner muscle & more toned body? Unfortunately, working out daily for hours along can't give you the desired results. Thus, you need to supply your body with the muscle-building nutrients to recover after a lengthy workout.

Nowadays, so many sports supplements are coming into the market that it's hard to find out the best among them. Moreover, finding out which protein supplement will work for your body or overall health is pretty tricky.

Well, we have done all the hard work for you to get it right for you! Whey protein is extra-boosting power that will recover your muscles post-workout. Besides, the Whey powder had several benefits for your body & health.

Whey protein powder is one of the eminent sports nutrition supplements. And probably the first supplement recommended to the gym goers - building muscles, weight loss & recovery from the post-workout session. Moreover, this protein supplement prevents the muscle from stubborn belly fat burn. There are more interesting facts about Whey powder - benefits & usages. To know more about them, keep reading!

What is a Whey Protein?

Whey Protein is the combination of the proteins found in the discarded liquid. These discarded liquid portions are produced during the cheese manufacturing process. Besides, this protein is found in all kinds of milk, including humans. Thus, the Whey protein ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids, which are needed for muscle strength & growth.

Moreover, minor yet important proteins are Whey protein, ⍺-lactalbumin, and β-lactalbumin. However, whey protein is obtained from cow's milk and other animal protein-packed concentrated amino acids. For example, casein, the protein-rich found in milk, presents around 20% of the whey protein.

At the same time, Whey Protein powder is a dehydrated form of protein. It gets mixed easily with water or other drinks to make shakes & smoothies. Or other foods like protein pancakes. Whey powder is meant to be a handy, portable, and protein-rich food source.

How to take Whey Protein?

The best Whey protein is dry & sold in the market in powder form. Thus, it can be easily amended by adding water or other liquids. Nowadays, numerous Whey protein powder is available in the market with varied flavors to add a different taste to your taste bar.

However, to use the Whey protein powder on your diet - you need to simply add one scoop of top-quality whey powder to your shake or smoothie. You can choose to take a blender or bottle shaker which helps you in mixing the powder. Thus, it gives you a creamy or frothy texture without the clumps to taste you better. Besides, you need to follow a strict timetable for intaking these sports supplements. For instance, if you can take this Whey protein shake for breakfast, you need to take the next drink post-workout session.

If you're a chef by hobby, you can get innumerable drinks or smoothie recipes on the internet that can help you make them through a Whey protein powder.

What are the benefits of Whey Protein Powder?

Presently, Whey protein powder is among the top-researched sports supplements in the market. And it's considered to have a high nutritional value. Thus, this article will explore the numerous whey powder health benefits. So, Read on!

Stimulate Muscle Growth

We all know that the muscle mass & strength for both men & women decline with age. However, there are many reasons for this condition - gaining fat, suffering from chronic disease, no exercise, etc. This change will affect the body composition, slowing down, preventing or reversing muscle strength training, and proper diet.

Some researchers have found that going for strength training and consuming high-protein foods or protein supplements does wonders! And it has proven to work for many gymers. Whey protein powder is the most effective high-grade protein for nutritional purposes.

At the same time, Whey protein is rich in branched-chain amino acids, referred to as Leucine. And Leucine plays a vital role in promoting the growth of amino acids. That's why Whey protein is efficient for averting age-related muscle loss and increasing the strength in the muscle.

Some studies have come up with Whey protein powder to be more efficient for muscle growth or slightly better than other types of protein - casein or soy. Thus, you should prefer Whey protein for muscle gain & improves your energy.

Reduce Inflammation In Body

Our body responds to damage through inflammation. And the short-term inflammation can be favorable until the circumstances turn into a chronic issue. But on the other hand, chronic inflammation can be deleterious and a health risk for many harmful diseases. So, the chances are that your health conditions or lifestyle habits will harm your health.

 The studies have shown that the high doses (more or equal to 20 grams per day) of Whey protein supplement best notably reduces the C-reactive protein (CRP) - the key inflammation marker in the body.

Cure From Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is among the chronic diseases caused due to high blood sugar and reduced insulin function. On the other hand, insulin is a hormone meant to assimilate the intake of blood sugar into the cells and helps them to check.

 However, studies have found that Whey protein powder is potent in restraining blood sugar levels. And it’s effective when taken before or along with high carb meals. Besides, Whey increases the levels of insulin & the responsiveness to the effects. So, when tested with the natural source of protein - egg white or fish, Whey protein has enough nutrients to fulfill the required needs of the body.

 Sometimes, the Whey protein properties get compared to diabetes medication like sulfonylurea. And it can be efficient as a supplementary medication for type 2 diabetes.

Encourages Lower Blood Pressure

A whey protein supplement can help decrease your blood sugar levels - thinking how? With the help of fermented milk and Whey protein supplements, it lowers cholesterol levels & blood pressure levels.

 Besides, the Whey protein powder supplement comes with the natural bioactive peptide called lactokine. And lactokine helps in improving your cardiovascular health & cures high blood pressure levels. Thus, scientific studies have shown that intaking a whey powder supplement for a continuous 6-weeks reduces the blood pressure in overweight men & women.

Favorable For Body Fats

Cholesterol plays a significant role in our bodies. High cholesterol, especially low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol or bad cholesterol, is harmful to your health. Common risk factors are heart diseases, heart attack, stroke, etc.

 One of the research conducted on overweight people for the conservative 12 weeks. They were given 65 grams of Whey protein powder during this time. And the result came after the duration that there is an impressive reduction in total & LDL cholesterol in their body. In contrast, other studies couldn't find similar blood cholesterol results.

Boost Immunity

Whey protein ingredients stimulate the synthesis of glutathione which enhances your immune system. In contrast, glutathione improves the efficiency of other antioxidants - Vitamin C, Vitamin E, CoQ10, and ALA.

 Besides increasing the glutathione production, Whey powder contains L-arginine and L-lysine, amino acids that boost immune function.

That's not the end! Whey protein powder contains numerous other proteins & vitamins - Vitamin D. So, vitamin D positively helps in improving your immune function & illustrates the antimicrobial activity. According to the research published in various journals about Whey protein, it helps the body in many ways. For instance, Whey protein for muscle gain helps the body in recovering after exercise or workouts. And that's vital to keep away from impaired immunity, inflammation, and oxidative stress.

Burns Stubborn Fat

Yes! You read right. Whey protein supplement helps you in burning the stubborn fat from your body. So, there was lots of research and studies done on it. One among them, inspecting the effect of this protein - with or without resistance exercises, body weight, and composition.

So, the result came! Eating Whey protein powder supplements has impressively reduced body fat and weight. Besides, the result was more appropriate for those individuals who have to merge Whey protein with the workout.

Alleviate Hunger

The two hormones - ghrelin & leptin support to regulate your appetite. On the one hand, leptin disturbs the energy balance, which helps in subduing the food intake. In contrast, ghrelin controls hunger & plays a vital role in meal initiation. And Whey protein powder affects them!

 Besides, these hormones work together to alarm your body when you eat. However, studies have found that circulating leptin levels have increased in individuals, and ghrelin levels have scaled-down. Thus, Whey protein helps balance the leptin and ghrelin secretion in the body. And it eventually reduces the cravings for food & helps in putting an end to overeating.

Prolong Lifespan

You started losing bone mass, cell function and reduced digestive function with age. Thus, Whey protein powder helps in expanding the lifespan. Besides, it scales down muscle wasting which occurs due to age & growing nutrition intake without increasing hunger.

 At the same time, Whey powder has lessened the loss in bone mass, poor digestive function, and many more, which slow down the aging process & make it an excellent superfood.

 There is a lot of research done on Whey protein powder to justify whether it can help in expanding the lifespan & slow down aging. According to the studies conducted in Germany, old people supplementing with this protein have found positive results - muscle protein synthesis, muscle strength, and muscle mass.

When should Whey Protein Dosage be taken?

The intake of Whey protein powder supplements depends on certain factors - an individual's aim, lifestyle, and the amount of protein already added to their diet.

 So, an active or athletic person's desire to lose stubborn belly fat and protect the lean muscles requires a huge amount of protein in their diet (0.68 -1g/lb of body weight). At the same time, a less active person will require less protein in their diet (0.36g/lb of body weight).

Thus, men can intake Whey protein powder 56-91 grams per day while females should take 46-75 grams per day to remain fit & healthy.

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